• Emergency Logistics

    Growing customer demands mean that companies are increasingly striving for the highest levels of service at the same time as minimal costs. Loading up engineers’ vehicles with a sufficient quantity of parts would in principle be one way to ensure rapid service. However, this has its disadvantages: not only do the parts become obsolete relatively quickly but this approach also ties up a huge amount of capital. On the other hand, the distances involved mean that it is not possible to supply parts from central warehouses within short time frames of two to four hours. As a result, emergency warehouses (field stock locations (FSL)) with good customer proximity and stocks of all the necessary parts are the optimum solution for meeting requirements at extremely short notice. Thanks to a sophisticated emergency logistics strategy, which also incorporates the Night-Time-Express service, LPR can provide its customers with quick and reliable responses in urgent situations. A tiered concept ensures that the various service level requirements can be met. Outstanding flexibility when selecting delivery intervals, from same-day delivery options to a two-hour delivery service using professional couriers, makes the LPR emergency service a reliable and cost-effective safety net for your logistical challenges in emergencies and exceptional circumstances. The standardised stock management of all decentralised warehouses in our central SAP system plays a major part in the impressive transparency and efficiency of the LPR emergency logistics. On request, items can also be directly posted in our customers’ warehousing systems.

    Why choose us?

    Reliable emergency supplies

    LPR guarantees a reliable material flow through needs-oriented emergency concepts.

    Customised service level options

    From the emergency warehouse to the two-hour courier service – LPR always has the right solutions for flexibly dealing with exceptional situations.

    Reduced warehouse stocks and improved service

    The use of LPR’s emergency logistics services enables you to reduce your own warehouse stocks while also increasing service quality.

  • Field Stock Locations (FSL)

    An emergency warehouse as close as possible to the destination and as intelligently equipped as possible: should a last-minute requirement arise, LPR enables customers to use decentralised emergency warehouses – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our high-performance network of high-availability warehouses spans the entirety of Germany and its neighbouring European countries. If a spare part is required quickly, our service team can reach any location within two to four hours, protecting you against high downtime costs.

  • Same-Day Deliveries

    Whenever a last-minute need arises, the LPR service team is here to help. Thanks to our tight-knit site network, we are able to collect goods from any location and deliver them to a destination on the same day. As a result, the parts and technical expertise needed for a quick response are always available in emergencies.

  • 2 – 4 Hour Service

    Critical situations can sometimes mean that goods are needed at a site particularly quickly. LPR deals with these situations by offering a service with set delivery periods of two or four hours within the scope of its high-availability logistics activities.