• Helpdesk-Support

    Its employees’ comprehensive expertise makes LPR the ideal partner for helpdesk/hotline services. Our helpdesk consultants are trained engineers who deal with all enquiries directly, quickly, amicably and professionally. 

    There are no annoying queues at LPR: 90 percent of callers reach the person they want to speak to within 15 seconds. If our specialists are ever not available quite that quickly, they will call you back without delay.

    The LPR helpdesk offers professional advice meaning that servicing activities, device swaps and returns that may otherwise have been required can often be avoided. Careful documentation and evaluation of the service activities furthermore provide detailed insights into the helpdesk’s usage and success rates.

    In addition to their customer service work, the LPR helpdesk team also acts as an information hub for authorised specialist retailers.

    Why choose us?

    Impressive consulting expertise

    LPR’s helpdesk staff are optimally qualified and trained.

    Rapid assistance

    The LPR consultants can almost always be reached within 15 seconds – and if not, will call you back without delay. The direct link to our team of engineers and the LPR logistics department vastly improves efficiency as other interfaces take time and usually also cost money.

    Measurable success

    Precise documentation and evaluations provide reliable information on the helpdesk’s effectiveness.

    Cost-reducing effect

    Professional advice makes it possible to avoid unnecessary servicing activities, device swaps and returns.