• IT Integration

    At LPR, system integration means combining an array of software, hardware, networks and processes from a variety of manufacturers to form a comprehensive, integrated business model. Our range of IT solutions includes analyses of existing systems to check their ability to be integrated. We also help you to design and optimise your business processes. In doing so, we combine classic IT structures with modern cloud solutions and mobile applications, support you with your company’s digitalisation and help you meet the challenges of industry 4.0.

    Why choose us?

    Extensive internet experience

    LPR has many years of experience in the efficient use of internet-based cloud and mobile solutions in the business field.

    In-house data centre

    LPR uses its own hosting infrastructure to operate web-based applications in line with state-of-the-art standards and using the latest technology.

    Development of customised web services

    The experienced LPR experts develop needs-oriented services and applications for all business aspects.

  • Cloud/Web Services

    We offer you advice when selecting suitable solutions from the various cloud providers and help you integrate these into your business processes. Benefit from our 25 years of experience in IT operations combined with the latest development skills in relation to web services and web applications.

  • Communication Systems

    We provide your company with professional, unbiased advice and support when selecting and integrating suitable communication solutions and developing global communication strategies. On request, we will select and appoint a suitable internet service provider for you. We will supervise the subsequent set-up activities and manage the contract for you.

  • Enterprise Service Cloud

    We operate and develop our own cloud-based integration platform based on open source software. This enables us to offer you tailored and extremely cost-effective integration services for all types of software and services. Combined with the LPR application servers, we offer solutions for all kinds of communications and integration via the internet as well as for exchanging data with your own systems and those of your business partners.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Based on 10 years of experience using mobile devices to capture data, we are able to offer you extensive advice on the integration of mobile technologies for supporting business processes. We help you design and set up globally reliable communication structures for the use of mobile end devices as well as to select mobile applications and integrate them into your IT infrastructure.