As an owner-managed medium sized enterprise, LPR specialises in intelligently linking servicing and logistics concepts.

    We provide holistic solutions for overcoming customers’ individual challenges – especially in the case of services associated with logistics aspects.

    We are highly innovative and creative – with regard to both the solutions for our customers’ diverse requirements and the design of our own business processes.

  • Business Strategy

    Our business strategy is based on dynamic, flexible and process-oriented solutions, always tailored to the specific situation. Instead of imposing ready-made, rigid solutions on our customers, we use our impressively broad range of skills to work with them to develop optimal answers to specific challenges.

    LPR regards itself as a reliable, customer-oriented partner for the management of the entire goods cycle and the holistic provision of the associated services.

  • Service Philosophy

    LPR is service-oriented in its work – without any compromises. That means:

    We Listen

    All projects centre around the wishes and needs of the customer. We only start to develop solutions once we fully understand the challenge from the customer’s perspective.


    Challenges drive our creativity. We therefore consider our customers’ needs even outside the specific tasks involved in a project and develop new solutions.


    Our employees are friendly, respectful and have personal integrity – characteristics that we regard as indispensable as a company.


    We conform to the highest quality standards in all aspects of our services. Complete reliability, honesty and impressive performance are integral parts of everything we do.


    Openness when dealing with others and state-of-the-art IT processes give our customers clear insights into our workflows.

    Environmental awareness

    We not only guarantee strict compliance with all environmental regulations but also develop our own concepts for environmentally friendly processes.

  • Team

    Wolfgang Rossmanith, Stephan Busse, Heiner Schnitzler, Simone Engels and Michael Bonnes