• On-site service

    Excellent on-site service is essential to the achievement of long-term customer loyalty. However, offering the desired quality of service in all locations can often be a great challenge. For example, manufacturers of products that require on-site service often have no own service organisation of their own. Other companies want to use their service team as efficiently as possible and focus on support for high-end products, for instance. Regional companies that want to sell supra-regionally and companies that do not generally have a nationwide service network also struggle to offer the appropriate services at distant locations.

    This is where LPR’s extensive range of services comes in. A range that is based on many years of experience in a wide variety of sectors. Our service engineers across Germany are able to assist companies with their service obligations quickly, professionally, amicably and reliably.

    Installation, maintenance, the replacement of consumable materials and on-site repairs are just a few of the typical tasks that our network of engineers can assist you with whenever and wherever required. This can involve the use of a team that is tailored to the current project scope, the size of which can be quickly and flexibly increased or decreased as required.

    To enable you to use your own service engineers as economically as possible, LPR offers an intelligent co-sourcing service in cooperation with our customers’ service organisations. Our customer service team is completely neutral as we do not sell any products; we simply offer our independent services. This is a major benefit in the case of supra-regional services as it enables companies to avoid using the services of local competitors.

    LPR’s on-site services can also help you create a more tight-knit and therefore more efficient and flexible service network. The professional range of services available enables you to book service activities exactly when they are required and therefore cost effectively. This eliminates your need to increase your own personnel capacities.

    Highly qualified LPR product specialists are available in all service regions for backup purposes and as points of contact for particularly complex tasks. All service activities are supported by our repair centre, training centre and the LPR logistics division. This offers notable cost benefits.

    Why choose us?

    Efficient use of financial and human resources

    The LPR service network provides a professional alternative to establishing or expanding your own service capacities.

    Improved customer service

    The LPR service team offers fast responsiveness and excellent flexibility. Long travel times are a thing of the past.

    Simplified implementation of supra-regional sales strategies

    LPR engineers take care of products even at sites for which the manufacturer has no service team.

    Needs-oriented scaling of service capacities

    By using the LPR engineer network, companies can absorb temporal peaks in requirements and create a tighter-knit service network.

  • Engineer Network

    LPR has a nationwide network of more than 200 highly skilled service engineers throughout Germany and a tight-knit network of service partners. We furthermore have separate service managers and product specialists. Whether developments, repairs, maintenance or time-limited implementation activities: we offer holistic or tiered on-site services in line with requirements – transnationally, nationally or regionally. Our team’s assignments are centrally planned and managed using state-of-the-art IT support so that the agreed service levels are reliably met. LPR’s Germany-wide logistics network takes care of all deliveries and returns.

  • Break & Fix

    The LPR service teams conduct repairs and maintenance activities on site – quickly, reliably, professionally and amicably. On request, we will also assume responsibility for the break & fix management for companies and their end customers. The pre-agreed service levels allow for a wide range of tiered services and service modules. Trained LPR engineers provide support during rollouts and rollbacks – ensuring that high quality standards are met and costs are minimised.

  • Maintenance

    From everyday devices to office technology and complex IT systems, the LPR service experts take on all required maintenance activities for you and your customers – skilfully and professionally. They replace components and bring the necessary spare parts with them. And they do all of this in line with pre-agreed, detailed service level agreements.

  • Medical Technology

    Some LPR services are tailored to the special requirements in the medical technology sector. These include the transportation, set-up and maintenance of devices in line with the highest quality standards. Our employees and product consultants have all the necessary certifications for medical technology. Depending on the individual requirements and device type several tiered service models can be created.

  • Office Products

    Office products require reliable logistics and the quickest possible on-site support. Our service engineers look after your office technology reliably and flexibly. Our Technical Logistics team supplies and replaces items with such precision that the optimum amount of consumable materials is always available in the right place – on request even in the rooms where the devices are used (e.g. printers). Servicing and repairing the devices naturally also forms part of our range of services. We offer a wide variety of price and service level agreements, which can be individually adapted for each device and intelligently scaled.

  • Energy Suppliers and Public Utility Companies

    Energy supplies are a decisive part of our infrastructure. LPR service engineers are trained in the special requirements established by gas and electricity suppliers and have correspondingly high-quality equipment. Flexible service models enable fast and reliable responses, even in emergencies. We are therefore already supporting our customers with both smart meter projects and the market area conversion of gas.